105 million people invest in Crypto after using Tiktok


The platform says it’s been rolling out ultra-short videos long before TikTok came along — and now it’s getting a Web3 makeover.

“Micro-Videos” have taken the world by storm – with their short, viral clips capturing the attention of today’s teens and shaping the next generation of social media.

But there is one platform that pioneered the concept much earlier than the likes of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube – or even Vine.

Coub launched in spring 2012 and the premise is simple: Each video is up to 10 seconds long and loops with a full-length track or song, allowing for audiovisual mash-ups. unique. The clips are called “coubs.”

Now, after celebrating its 10th anniversary, the social network is entering the world of Web3 with a whole new approach to monetization.

As part of the transition, Coub plans to focus on “watch for monetization” – opening up new opportunities for creators and viewers alike – complete with an unstoppable token marketplace (NFT). ) is built-in.

With over 11 million monthly users as of May 2022 and over 105 million active participants each year, the platform aims to build on these strong foundations, empowering a dedicated community and usher in the next generation of social media.

Why now?
Coub says their approach to video represents a “really creative and impactful multimedia format,” packing as much content and content as possible into a micro-timeframe of 10 seconds. . With today’s Internet users, including Generation Z, focused on instant nonverbal communication, this couldn’t be more trendy.

The site claims to provide a new vision for media content platforms that fit the “ownership era,” as Coub describes it in today’s social media landscape. As well as a host of new monetized Web3 services for both viewers and creators, advertisers can enjoy direct, peer-to-peer interactions with their audience through NFT, the decentralized application. and the “watch to earn” method.

Coub.com intends to take this development further and broaden the concept – empowering the community to control every aspect of the future of the platform, from the types of content available to the way rewards are distributed. in the ecosystem.

How will it work?
All Coub users will participate in “watch to earn” by default, collecting rewards for their usual daily activities on the platform: views, likes, comments, and reposts. And of course, creators who upload “coubs” will be compensated for all of these interactions with their content.

While jumping on board is an easy task, there are plenty of exciting possibilities for more users to interact with. Viewers and creators will progress from level to level, increasing rewards by watching more competitions, unlocking achievements and collecting custom statuses. From daily challenges and treasure hunts to find “hidden gems” to cutting-edge contests, there’s plenty to keep the community busy.

Of course, there is an end goal. Users will be able to redeem their accumulated rewards and spend them in various ways on the platform, such as buying NFTs of their favorite videos. Collectors will have a huge library of high-quality content to choose from – a treasure trove of viral videos including classic internet memes, contemporary art, anime, games and more. That sets the stage in stark contrast to many of the upcoming NFT art markets, dominated by AI-generated collections of profile pictures with “programmed scarcity” and amateurish graphics with little to no avail. rhyme or reason behind the asking price.

And in an interesting twist, potential buyers will be able to scrutinize the popularity and viral potential of encrypted videos through transparent, public statistics on Coub.com, which means being able to predict how they might function.

Mechanisms are also put in place to protect the quality of the NFT market. A listing fee is required to unlock the rewards generation, while a community-driven validation network helps protect the site from spam, reloads, and unwanted content.


A new team has been driving the company’s growth since April 2022. After months of rigorous research and analysis of available blockchain solutions, Coub.com has been completely revamped from a development service. online into an advanced Web3 application that is currently in active beta testing. . One of the industry’s leading blockchain security auditing firms is currently analyzing Coub’s infrastructure, and the platform says it will be ready to handle the wave of users rushing to board and join the viewing craze. for latest money.

The project says a truly decentralized blockchain-based architecture at its core, with users being granted access to secure, non-industrial wallets to store their NFTs and watch rewards for sword. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a seamless, simple experience that’s easily accessible to everyone – even those who aren’t too familiar with how cryptocurrencies work. Coub believes this approach won’t hurt customer retention or discourage new users, and will instead flatten the learning curve for casual users looking to embrace technical assets. number on string.

Going forward, the site’s NFT marketplace will launch in Q3 2022 along with a beta version of the watch-to-monetization model. A new #Crypto video category is also coming, which means we could see more crypto-focused content appearing on the site.

A global network of social influencers will be established through the ambassador program. In addition, there will be a new version of Coub.com for users to enjoy and an awards ceremony to honor the site’s best creators.

With the ability to embed chats on all major social networks, these videos may soon appear in a chat near you.


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