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What is EMOVES?

EMOVES is a blockchain application that was developed by Move2Earn by combining Game-Fi and Social-Fi components. With the slogan “Run faster, Earn faster,” EMOVES hopes to motivate millions of users to adopt a healthier way of life so that they can burn calories and create values that include improved health, more rewarding experiences, and increased income. Users are required to equip themselves with NFT in the form of a pair of Shoes before they can participate in EMOVES. The user will earn in-game currency simply by moving around, and this currency can either be used in-game or taken out of the game to be cashed out.

Participating in EMOVES challenges with other people is an efficient way to broaden one’s social circle and boost one’s level of social engagement. Participate in activities that will help create an atmosphere of openness and friendliness among users, thereby facilitating better understanding between individuals.

Special features of EMOVES

Anyone can use it

Millions of users are able to easily sign up for the service because it features graphic elements that are appealing to the eye and a variety of options to move in order to earn money (users can move, run, or walk in order to earn money).

Users are able to select the shoe that best suits their needs and preferences in terms of both aesthetics and performance thanks to the extensive range of shoe NFTs available. Users who own NFT shoes have the opportunity to earn EMV tokens, which can then be stored in their In-App Wallets and used for trading purposes.

No barriers to entry

Everyone who owns NFT assets is required to participate in move2earn if Optional EMOVES is enabled. Users are able to fully own EMOVES NFT shoes in the Free-to-start mode by completing the various EMOVES tasks that are presented to them.

Game Modes

The application provides users with three different game modes in which they are free to compete and earn money: Solo, Team, and Event Mode.

  • Solo mode :Players can earn tokens simply by moving around the map. Their income is determined by two factors: first, the amount of physical activity they get each day, and second, the degree of rarity or quality of the NFT Shoes they have.
  • Team Mode: Players have the ability to invite their friends to join a team so that they can run and earn tokens together. The greater the number of concurrent runners, the greater the amount of EMOVES tokens (EMV) that are generated for members.
  • Event Mode: There will be ongoing events that players can participate in to help them increase their income: Events occurring once a week, once a month, with teams, and charts. When a user takes part in more events, they open up more opportunities for themselves to earn rewards.

To better understand the mechanism as well as the amount of money you will earn in each mode. Refer link here:

Basic information about Token

The project develops only one token: EMV

Token Name: EMOVES
Ticker: EMV
Total Supply: 360.000.000

Tokens will include utilities:

  • Repair fee
  • Unlock and install Sneaker Socket
  • Custom fee
  • Level up
  • Shoe molding fee
  • Shoe upgrade
    All these expenses will be burned.

Token Allocation

  • Move2earn: 48%
  • Private sale: 15%
  • Ecosystem: 10%
  • Pre-sale: 5%
  • Public sale: 5%
  • Liquidity: 5%



Mr. Truong Thanh Nam – Co-Founder: Experienced with a history of working in the information technology, engineering and technology product development industries, skilled in Administration, Engineering, Marketing Strategy, Game Design and Management . Specifically, he has worked in:
– Chief Technical Officer at Vietstar
– Chief Security Officer at VPBank
– Chief Security Officer at Vingroup
– Chief Information Officer at Bamboo Airways


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