Tesla opens sale of Cyberwhistle whistles that can only be purchased with Dogecoin


On September 14, electric car company Tesla opened for sale its Cyberwhistle horn product inspired by the company’s Cybertruck line. The special thing is that customers can only buy the whistle with Dogecoin.

According to the information on the website, the Cyberwhistle is a high-end collectible item made of medical grade stainless steel with a perfectly polished finish.

“The whistle is integrated with another feature for enhanced versatility,” the product introduction reads. The company did not specify what that feature is.

All products have a free return policy and are expected to be delivered within 4-6 weeks. Additionally, Tesla requires buyers to pay in Dogecoin (DOGE). A Cyberwhistle costs 1,000 DOGE (about 60 USD). Price includes tax and shipping fee. Cyberwhislte is now completely sold out on Tesla’s website.

Tesla claims Dogecoin is the only cryptocurrency the company recognizes as a form of payment. Like other crypto asset transactions, buyers will not be refunded if the wrong amount or wallet address is sent. To pay, the buyer needs to have a Dogecoin wallet.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, is an avid “fan” of this memecoin. Last year, he stated that “Dogecoin is a better means of payment than Bitcoin”. At the end of May, the billionaire announced that SpaceX, the aerospace company he founded, would allow purchases with DOGE.

Previously, every time Musk mentioned DOGE, the price of the coin had a drastic change. For example, in November 2021, the price of DOGE jumped 25% after the news that Tesla accepted payment in DOGE.

However, his influence on DOGE in particular and crypto in general has faded. The Cyberwhisle sale news does not appear to have had a positive impact on the coin. DOGE is currently priced at about $0.06031, even a decrease compared to previous days.

Source: MarginATM


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