Ticketmaster oversees the business’s NFT production in addition to ticket sales


Ticketmaster’s job posting for the NFT ticketing tool’s product manager position shows the company’s intention to launch NFT-based enterprise products “across all content categories including sports and music”.

Over the past two years, artists, musicians, and the sports industry have helped propel the NFT ecosystem into the spotlight as the technology serves its purpose as a powerful tool for interacting with people. fan. In contrast, most of the public is on the hype train seeking to profit through reselling collectibles on the secondary market.

With the NFT hype finally slowing down in mid-2022, entrepreneurs and companies are finding new use cases beyond collectibles. A study conducted by the Big 4 accounting firm Deloitte in May 2022 has highlighted the untapped potential of the crypto ecosystem to open up newer markets for the sports industry. :

“We could see proportional ownership of seasonal tickets and suites as well as a re-invention of the ticket resale process.”
Next, Ticketmaster’s recent job posting for the NFT ticketing engine’s product manager position reveals the company’s intention to launch NFT-based enterprise products “across all content categories.” content including sports and music”. This role also entails developing new products and features that meet the future needs of its NFT business.

Ticketmaster JD for NFT ticketing product manager. Source: LinkedIn

Similarly, crypto exchange Binance recently entered the NFT ticketing business in partnership with soccer club Società Sportiva Lazio for the 2022-2023 season.

In the announcement sent to Cointelegraph, Binance emphasized that NFT tickets can solve the problems of fake tickets and scale. In addition to providing access to events, Binance plans to use NFT-based tickets in a variety of use cases, including store and match-ready discounts and personalized experiences. .


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