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Recap AMA HC Capital – EMOVES


On July 4, 2022, the HC Capital community had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Truong Thanh Nam @NamTruongThanh | CEO and Ms. Rosie Nguyen @Rosienguyen | The CMO of EMOVES joins the AMA to provide useful information about EMOVES.

This AMA is organized by HC Capital – The leading Cryptocurrency Community in Vietnam where investors and traders can get the latest news and signals as well as discuss and share experiences. investing in the crypto space.

Time: 20:00 Monday | 04.07.2021


Airdrop: $200 USDT

AMA Program:

Part 1: Some questions from HC Capital team.

Part 2: Top best questions from the form.

Part 3: Mini Quiz.

Contents of the AMA . program

Part 1: Some questions from HC Capital team

Jannie: Today’s AMA will start with Part 1: A few questions from Team HC for Team EMOVES

Q1. First, @NamTruongThanh & @Rosienguyen Can you introduce yourself and the EMOVES project to the HC community?

Mr.Truong Thanh Nam: Hello everyone, my name is Truong Thanh Nam – currently in charge of the role of CEO of EMOVES, a project combining Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements with the goal of reaching millions of people. to a healthy lifestyle. To share a little about myself, I have held roles at a number of companies and organizations such as:

  • Chief Security Officer of VinEcom (2014 – 2015)
  • Chief Security Officer of Vingroup (2015 – 2018)
  • Chief Technical Officer of BeStay (2018 – 2020)
  • Chief Information Officer of Bamboo Airways (2020 – 2021)

About EMOVES, with a team with a lot of experience in the Information Technology industry and Crypto market combined with a young, enthusiastic team, together we have created EMOVES – a long-distance and led product. by a team of experienced professionals. EMOVES is an application aimed at users’ health, improving the quality of life, together creating a “green” lifestyle and a “sustainable” lifestyle. In addition, EMOVES will be the driving force and companion beside everyone in the quest for a better quality of life.

Ms. Rosie Nguyen: Hello everyone, my name is Rosie Nguyen. Currently, I am the CMO of the EMOVES project. With the EMOVES project, I think it will be able to bring you many experiences.

Jannie: Q2. I learned that NFT plays an important role in the Move-to-Earn of the project. Can you explain more about EMOVES’s Play for Money mechanism and what are the main features of the project? And can you share what the team has achieved so far?

Mr.Truong Thanh Nam: NFT is one of the parts where the EMOVES team spends a lot of time and enthusiasm as well as brainpower in it. Currently in phase 1 of EMOVES, we have 7 main types of NFTs: including 2 types of boxes (Gift box and Lucky Box) and 5 types of shoes (Mid 1, Mid 2, Burn 1, Burn 2, VipBurn). With Gift Box, users cannot directly use it, but must mint from 2 Gift boxes to 1 Lucky Box or from 2 Gift boxes to mint directly into shoes (will only be in 2 types of Mid 1 or Mid 2). With Lucky Box, users can mint from 2 Lucky Boxes to make shoes (1 out of 5 types of shoes). With 5 types of shoes, the index of each attribute of the shoe has been calculated very carefully, as well as the number of EMOVES tokens generated is also calculated very carefully to ensure benefits for all 3 parties: runners, investors. and development team.

Not only that, we have a special mechanism for users, which is the Free to Earn mechanism. To build the Free to Earn mechanism, we have carefully calculated to ensure the benefits for those who spend money to buy shoes and those who start with the Free to earn mechanism. For players who start with Free to Earn, the player will have to complete the EMOVES mission in the first 20 days to get a Gift Box, in the next 15 days the player can choose to continue completing the mission or staking a certain number of EMV tokens to be able to own the 2nd Gift Box, thereby owning a pair of shoes.

Currently, the EMOVES team has completed the application of EMOVES for Phase 1, and is continuing to improve for the following phases. The EMOVES team has also tested the application many times to be as complete as possible. In addition, we have also perfected the NFT Marketplace, ready for all user transactions on it. Perhaps during this bleak market, it’s a good time for us to perfect the EMOVES app as much as possible and deliver the best user experience possible.

Jannie: Q3. What role does EMOVES Token play in your entire ecosystem? Can you tell us some information about EMOVES token?

Mr.Truong Thanh Nam: EMOVES has only 1 token, EMV, playing 2 roles of administration and ingame. The total supply of EMOVES is limited and only stops at 360,000,000 tokens.

For administrative purposes:

  • Governance: Shares participate in governance, the longer the lock period, the higher the voting power.
  • Staking rewards: EMV stakers can vote to decide the distribution of staking rewards.
  • Protocol revenue accumulation: EMVs are used to access in-app features, such as athletic shoe upgrades and new athletic shoe molding.

For ingame use purposes:

  • Repair sports shoes
  • Upgrade sneakers
  • Upgrade Gems
  • Participate in challenges (weekly, monthly events, team challenges)
  • Restore Sneaker Attributes

With this single token, the EMOVES development team hopes to reduce the token inflation rate to a minimum, avoiding negative experiences for all investors as well as everyone when experiencing EMOVES.

Jannie: Q4. So are there any benefits to holding EMOVES Token early? And what is EMOVES expected to do to further develop the project and increase the demand for token holdings?

Mr.Truong Thanh Nam: First of all, in terms of profit value, for those who are lucky enough to hold tokens from the previous rounds before listing the exchange, investors will certainly be able to earn a certain amount of profit. Next, in terms of holding tokens early, players have priority to participate in EMOVES events such as weekly events, monthly events, events that will be continuously organized by the EMOVES team and long-term token holders. will have great advantages and benefits.

Since EMOVES is a project identified by the team as a long-term project, the desire of the development team is not only that EMOVES will stop at an ordinary Move to earn project but will develop into a Social Network. Club for sports lovers in general and runners in particular. Not only that, EMOVES wishes to be able to cooperate with sports brands to help EMOVES go beyond the borders of a normal Move to earn or Social-Fi project, from which users will have more benefits. when holding EMOVES tokens.

Part 2: Top best questions from form

Jannie: How can EMOVES manage token inflation?


Mr.Truong Thanh Nam: The EMOVES team always cares about the experience and benefits of all 3 parties: players, investors and development team, that’s why EMOVES will only have 1 token. MV. We are confident that we have specific plans in place to reduce token inflation to a minimum. The total supply of EMOVES will only be limited to 360 million tokens, followed by the percentage of EMV tokens circulating in the market which is also controlled by us month by month, even week by week. In addition, about the formula to reward players when experiencing EMOVES, we also calculate extremely carefully so that the number of EMV tokens the player earns is neither too much nor too little, ensuring benefits for all 3 parties. . We also have specific plans to be able to ensure the long-term of the project, especially during the current difficult and gloomy market, the benefits we bring to the experiencers are as well. must be calculated very carefully because the motto of the EMOVES team is to ensure the interests of all 3 parties.

Jannie: Does the game require an entry fee?


Ms. Rosie Nguyen: Like other Move to Earn games, to participate in EMOVES to earn money, players need to invest 1 pair of NFT shoes, but with the mission of developing the community of EMOVES participants, the game released both Free mechanics to Start, With the free Start mode, we expect more people to lead a healthier lifestyle to contribute to a green, sustainable lifestyle. So we have a choice: players will be able to own EMOVES NFT shoes without spending money, by completing the tasks EMOVES gives.

However, buying a pair of NFT shoes will still help players quickly gain profits and own more benefits at the beginning of the game.

Jannie: Making money in the game is important, but for me, having fun while making money is also important. To what extent do you focus on the entertainment aspect of the game?


Ms. Rosie Nguyen: When participating in the EMOVES ecosystem, players can make friends, expand quality networks with people with similar interests in sports and make money from financial activities.

Besides, in the next phases, players can join the game in combination with pets, science has proven this will help runners to relieve stress after stressful working hours.

But EMOVES is still most focused on how players can make money from EMOVES. It is the main factor to keep players motivated to stay active in sports and no one can deny that being active and making money at the same time is very interesting and fun.

Jannie: Partnership is one of the key elements for every project. Can you name some of your partners? What benefits do you get from them? And is there any cooperation to be established in the near future?


Ms. Rosie Nguyen: In this difficult time of the market, it is understandable that investment funds are more hesitant in investing. In addition, the fact that our internal resources are enough for self-development is also something that we feel confident in the success of EMOVES.

Of course, being able to cooperate with leading investment funds in the Crypto field is also what we really want, currently the partners we are cooperating with such as Meta Holdings, BeChain are all partners. partners commit to go with us for a long time, because we will certainly not stop here, at a normal Move to earn project. We are still in the process of exchanging and talking with investment funds to establish cooperative relationships, but make sure that those funds must also share the same direction, ideals and together desire to create. Only in the future will we be able to cooperate with them.

Jannie: Is the game suitable for working people, and if I want to play, how much time a day must I spend at least to make a profit?


Mr.Truong Thanh Nam: Those who are working are the main team that EMOVES is aiming for.

Firstly, because they are of the necessary age to exercise, working in an office or sitting for 7-8 hours a day will make them susceptible to diseases, EMOVES wants to give this group of people a way to earn money and improve. health after work. Make money without feeling pressured and have fun.

The second is that this is an object that can be invested and profitable, instead of going to the gym or expensive places to practice, and then can give up, EMOVES both helps them make money and helps them have Motivation to maintain that habit every day.

In order for players to maintain the habit of training every day, it is not possible to run too much a day or profit too quickly from the game. Therefore, the team of experts of EMOVES has established a money-making formula to balance between generating profits for players, maintaining good habits for players and balancing the economy of the project. EMOVES’s advice is that players should spend 2-3 hours exercising every day, which can be divided into many small times and the most important thing is to maintain that habit every day because the longer you run, the more your shoes will increase. levels increase in value much more.

Part 3: Mini Quiz

@Carolynn_langley: Hi, NFT games are very popular in the crypto market, but there are very few games for people who have never been exposed to Crypto. Does the project have a plan so that players who are not yet exposed to Crypto can play the project’s game?

Mr.Truong Thanh Nam: Thank you @Carolynn_langley, your question is also something that EMOVES team thinks a lot. To do this, the EMOVES team has determined that the direction is not only marketing according to normal Online methods, we will also take offline Marketing measures such as becoming a Sponsor, Companion of running tournaments. or the leading running clubs and organizations in Vietnam. Not only that, the EMOVES team will cooperate with medical experts in Vietnam to organize workshops to help people understand the effects of running as well as the application of technology to human physical activity today. .

@barifield1990: As GameFi is becoming the next trend in the crypto world, games… will surely have their own attractive features. Can you explain in more detail the Play-to-Earn mechanism & how users can generate passive income from this model? People with limited financial resources can earn it?

Mr.Truong Thanh Nam: Thank you @barifield1990, of course in a difficult and gloomy market combined with many strong current competitors in the market, EMOVES will certainly have special points for all. everyone. First, like I said, it’s Free to Earn, no money, no costs, you can still have more income for yourself, a great opportunity. Next is the variety of ways to make money, not only making money from running, but also being able to participate in events to increase income, in addition, when reaching certain levels, players can also become Becoming someone else’s mentor, guiding others to run from there can also increase income. And finally, the very special features of EMOVES such as running with a team or running with your pet, will definitely be an interesting experience for everyone.

@Fernanda_Sauls: Most of the blockchain games when broadcast have problems with Inflation. So how do Teams and Projects view this issue and is there any mechanism to minimize this problem?

Mr.Truong Thanh Nam: Hi @Fernanda_Sauls, we know there are many projects even just released that have had inflation problems but that is the main reason for us to decide that EMOVES will have only 1 token. is EMV. In addition, as I said, we have specific plans to ensure that the inflation rate is kept to a minimum as well as the token value and the percentage of tokens circulating in the market is always guaranteed.

@belenmock: Currently the world is going through a global crisis due to Covid-19 which has caused some PROJECTS to have stopped or stalled. Will this have an impact on my project? Does your team have a plan to overcome this difficult time?

Mr.Truong Thanh Nam: Hello @belenmock, of course this greatly affects our project progress and the cooperation relationship between us and our partners. But from the internal resources of the team, we are currently still following the roadmap published on the official documents, even faster. In a difficult time like this, the EMOVES team has determined that there are two main tasks, that is, to continue to improve and accelerate the project to be ready to go out with other competitors. In addition, we continue to look for partnerships to help EMOVES reach as far as possible.

@JimmyTo781: Can the team share what events will the game have in the near future for the project to develop a stronger community?

Mr.Truong Thanh Nam: Thanks for the question of @JimmyTo781, surely in the near future the EMOVES team will have a lot of events to develop a stronger community. Maybe for example, the whitelist event is going on, please join now if you haven’t participated yet, in addition, as we said, there will be not only Online events but Offline events as well. It’s important, because we want to be in direct contact, want to hear direct opinions from the experiencers to complete the project as much as possible. Thank you!

Jannie: Amazing Q&A ! Thank you @NamTruongThanh & @Rosienguyen for taking the time for today’s great AMA.

Today’s AMA and EMOVES have ended, if you have any unanswered questions, you can visit the following groups to find the answers.

EMOVES Official Links:



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