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Swiss watch brand Hublot accepts Bitcoin for payments


Swiss watch maker Hublot and Prague’s 42nd tram line are the latest to accept Bitcoin for means of payment.

The Swiss watch manufacturer – Hublot – has allowed the payment of products in cryptocurrency. Payment process will be supported by bitcoin payment service provider – BitPay

In addition, the Prague city tourism division also allows passengers of bus route 42 to buy tickets with cryptocurrency. The move is supported by a partnership with Global Payments.

Hublot officially entered the Crypto world

The use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method is gradually becoming a common trend for big names in the fashion industry.

The watch maker – Hublot – is the latest fashion brand to join this wave.

Recently, Hublot has launched a limited collection of “Big Bang Unico Essential Gray”, consisting of 200 watches. A special feature is that they can only be purchased on e-Boutique with crypto payment.

The price of a watch of this limited edition is around $21,200.

That means, to own a Hublot, buyers need to spend about 1 BTC. Values are referenced at time of writing.

Last month, another Swiss watch manufacturer, Tag Heuer, made the same move. The business has accepted Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu and 5 other stablecoins as a means of payment.

Explore prosperous Prague with Bitcoin

Another example of the latest popularization of crypto is the iconic Tram 42 line of tourist attraction Prague.

With the bus route, visitors can explore the most famous sights of the capital. Some notable landmarks include Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Powder Gate.

According to a local newspaper, the route has signed a cooperation agreement with Global Payments. A move aimed at creating a new payment experience for visitors. They can now pay for bus tickets with crypto.

Prague bus route 42 accepts crypto ticket payments. Image source: Twitter

Petr Soukup, IT Manager of Prague City Tourism Company, said: “Cryptocurrency is a very popular source of money today. There’s no reason people shouldn’t use them for everyday payments. Now they can pay for tickets with Bitcoin or Ethereum.”

He further explained that customers can pay with digital assets. However, merchants can choose to accept transactions in crypto or fiat.



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